All or nothing

A game for 2 or more players

This is a version of my Escape! game, and is played using manipulatives. It gives practise of adding and subtracting either 10 or 1, and involves the concept of exchanging. The aim is to either collect enough 10s and 1s to exchange them for a 100, or to lose everything!

You will need:

  • A 6-sided subtraction dice marked with -1, -1, -1, -10, -10, swap
  • A 6-sided addition dice marked with +1, +1, +1, +10, +10, swap
  • Manipulatives:
  • 20 tens, 20 ones and 1 hundred using either Dienes (base 10 blocks) or place value counters
  • How to play

    Player 1 starts by taking the subtraction dice and making 45 with the manipulatives. Player 2 takes the addition dice and makes 55 with the manipulatives. Spare manipulatives are put in a ‘bank’ area.

    Players take turns to roll the dice, gaining manipulatives from (or giving them to) the ‘bank’ as shown. Players either say or record the calculation and their new amount each time. When appropriate, players may exchange one of their tens for ones, or 10 ones for a ten.

    When a player rolls ‘swap’, they must swap dice with their opponent, immediately rolling again. Players keep those dice until ‘swap’ is rolled again. If swap is rolled more than once on a players turn, keep swapping and rolling until a calculation is rolled!

    The winner is the first person to either exchange their manipulatives for a 100 or lose all their manipulatives.


    This can be played with money, using twenty 10p and twenty 1p coins, and a £1 coin. The same dice can be used, or can be modified to show +1p, +10p etc. The winner is the first to either exchange their coins for a £1 coin or lose all their coins.

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