Rounding race

A game for 2 players

This game provides practice of rounding 2-digit numbers to the nearest 10 . A number line marked in 10s, Cuisenaire and a number track, a rekenrek or a 100 square can be used for support as required.

You will need:

  • A game board for each player
  • Two 10-sided dice (or roll one twice) or 2 sets of 0 to 9 number cards shuffled together
  • How to play

    Players take turns to roll the dice (or draw 2 cards) and make a 2-digit number, putting the digits in either order. For example, rolling a 4 and a 9 could make 49 or 94.

    The player then rounds that number to the nearest 10 and covers that multiple of 10 on their game board.

    If a player's number rounds to a multiple that they have already covered, their opponent can steal that number and cover the multiple on their board, then take their turn as usual.

    The first person to cover all the numbers on their board wins.


  • Practise rounding to the nearest 100 by using the multiples of 100 boards and rolling 3 dice (drawing 3 cards) to make a 3-digit number
  • Practise rounding to the nearest whole one by using the ones boards and rolling 2 dice (drawing 2 cards) to make a number with 1 decimal place (2.3, 7.8 etc)
  • Hit the heart is a Valentine's Day version of rounding race, made for the Dyscalculia Network. Download special heart game boards to play!